Caroline McGeehan

In 8 weeks had lost 4 inches from waist and hips, 5lbs in weight and dropped 2 dress sizes. 'Julie McFall was my Personal Trainer for almost one year, if it was not for me moving to Australia I would still be with her today.  Julie is a fantastic trainer - she looks at individual needs, assists with eating/nutrition and keeps you motivated to obtain the goal 'you' want to achieve.  She works with you as a person to get your fitness to a sufficient level and motivates you to take steps to make changes that are better for you and your body.  Julie is a focused person and goes the extra mile with her clients, she doesnt just help you in your fitness but in all areas and is always there to give you the appropriate advice ......Julie actually cares about her clients needs and requirements. I wish her every success for the future.'


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