Helen McNair

post natal yoga sessions - 6 months Post Natal with PSD symptoms

'I have been attending Julie's post natal yoga group for 12 weeks.  I had never really practised yoga before, but with Julie's guidance I have gained strength and flexibility in that short time. I find the sessions wonderfully calming, and try to practise ujjayi breathing techniques in challenging situations. Being able to take my baby along to the sessions is great. I'm sure she enjoys it as much as me! It is a brilliant way to meet other Mums.
I have been diagnosed with pelvic girdle pain and I found that I was not able to get back to the level of exercise I had been doing before. This class is perfect as I still feel like I am exercising yet is gentle enough not to upset my pelvis. Julie is a fantastic teacher who creates such a calm relaxed atmosphere, you can't help but let your mind drift away from every day stresses.'  
Helen also came to the outdoor fitness sessions at Drumpellier park. 


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